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Fall Favorites 2021

As a professed basic white girl, I can honestly say that there is no time of year I love more than fall. I honestly enjoy pumpkin spice flavored anything, football games, and being able to walk outside my house without completely roasting. There’s just something about this time of year, no matter how briefly itContinue reading “Fall Favorites 2021”

Worth the Hype: Fresh Skincare

One of the exciting things that happened during my hiatus was Fresh Skincare coming to Ulta. Once a Sephora exclusive, you can now find this clean skin love at your local Ulta (and it’s not the only once Sephora exclusive that’s found it’s way into Ulta recently). Founded in 1991 by Russian immigrants living inContinue reading “Worth the Hype: Fresh Skincare”

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Due to the fact that this pandemic life never seems to end (thanks, delta) after three months of freedom, unfortunately I’m back to wearing a mask at work which to say my skin is angry about is putting it mildly. The current key to my makeup routine is light, natural, and not going to clogContinue reading “My Everyday Makeup Routine”

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